Expert Lawn Care Services in Maryville, TN

At Loy's Lawn Care & Landscaping, lawn care is our specialty. Whether you need experts to turn your lawn into a great outdoor space or a cleanup crew to maintain your lawn, you can rely on us.


We consider it our job to keep your lawn healthy. With our professionally-maintained equipment, we can provide the proper maintenance that your lawn needs to thrive. Our experts will keep your lawn looking perfectly manicured with our mowing services that reduce heat stress and weed growth.

Grass Trimming

If you currently cut your lawn yourself, you may not be happy with the results. If your lawn still looks messy or unprofessional after doing it yourself, give us a call. We can trim the areas that your lawnmower misses, so your lawn will look immaculate.


Our edging services will give your yard a clean look. We'll keep your grass away from your sidewalks, patios and driveways. This will improve curb appeal, making your home or business look its very best.
Edging—Lawncare Services in Maryville, TN
Striping—Lawncare Services in Maryville, TN


If you need to have your grass prepared for an outdoor game, we can help. With lawn striping, we bend the grass to give it the classic light and dark stripes you see at professional fields. We don't cut your grass to different lengths to achieve this effect; we simply bend it. We can vary the intensity of the striping effect depending on your needs.

Lawn Cleanup

When storms blow through, high winds and heavy rains can leave your yard a mess. Give us a call, and we'll be there to pick up the pieces. From cleaning up brush and fallen branches to fixing misplaced soil and ripped up flowers, we'll have your yard looking like new in no time.